1. The contest runs from Monday, September 30, 2019 (first drawing) through Friday, August 28, 2020 (final drawing.) There will be approximately 100 drawings throughout the contest period.
  2. Anyone can win a prize as long they have the calendar with the winning number. A copy of the number or a copy calendar will NOT be accepted.
  3. A person can win multiple prizes with the same number.
  4. You may purchase additional calendars ($25 each) to increase your chances of winning by visiting a participating pro shop or calling the LIUSBC office (631.737.0825.)
  5. Prizes must be claimed within 90 days the number is drawn. If a prize is not claimed it will be used as a prize at an LIUSBC event.
  6. All net revenue from the calendar will be returned 100% to LIUSBC bowlers in the form of added prize money into LIUSBC events and future benefits to LIUSBC sanction bowlers.
  7. The LIUSBC is not responsible for any printing errors on the calendar. If more than 1 calendar has a duplicate winning number (due to a printing error) the winner will be determined by a secondary drawing between the duplicate winning numbers.
  8. The LIUSBC is not affiliated with any of the advertisers. All specials and discounts offered throughout the calendar are the sole responsibility of the advertisers.
  9. All sweepstakes prizes have been donated by calendar advertisers. Any problems with the prize, once it is given to the winner, is the responsibility of the company that donated the prize. Prizes have no cash value.
  10. The prize won will be listed on LIUSBC.com. Bowlers must accept the prize won or forfeit the product. There is no switching or transferring of prizes.
  11. Once the league sanction application is received at the LIUSBC office and processed, the calendars will be given to the league secretary for distribution to the bowlers that are sanctioned in that league. Before the calendars are given to the secretary each one will be labeled with the name of the bowler that is to receive the calendar.
  12. Bowlers that receive a calendar once the contest has started can still match an already drawn number as long as it within 90 days of the drawing.
  13. If a new bowler joins a league, and sanctions through that league, a calendar will be delivered to the league secretary during the season to give to the new bowler.
  14. If a bowler drops out of a league, they will still receive a calendar and can win a prize if they paid their sanction fee.
  15. The LIUSBC reserves the right to discontinue the sweepstakes at any time and without reason.